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I have been fortunate for quite some time to be able to take advantage of the technological opportunities available to us today. A great example of this is buying clothes in China and selling them in the Netherlands on digital marketplaces to take advantage of arbitrage.

I noticed that it was annoying that local businesses often had outdated websites and taught myself to create websites for local entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, the return on investment of websites for local business owners is not great so there was little satisfaction from the work.

I made the switch from web design to digital marketing which I had been immersing myself in for several years, but the competition is killing. At the time, the industry where I thought online marketing would have the greatest added value was the restaurant industry. After implementing my knowledge in executing digital growth strategies for restaurants, I found that it was not set up scalably enough to help other industries as well.

With the advent of the coronavirus, the restaurant industry took a big hit which made me decide to quit that business and take on a new challenge. That challenge is Growth Hacking because in my opinion it is many times more efficient and effective than other types of marketing.

The purpose of this website is to give you the tools and knowledge to help your business surpass its growth ceiling.

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P.S. Not all of my ideas have worked out, like:
– Starting a hosting company.
– Creating a digital marketplace to connect supply and demand in the job market.
– Offering an ordering and reservation system to restaurants. 

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